There are 6,329 new cases of Covid-19 reported today, and unusually 4 deaths are also reported taking the death toll to 10,199. (Register offices are closed at the weekends).

Other numbers are very similar and the only statistics showing an upward move are the number of those who have been vaccinated with either the first or second dose or indeed the booster dose. The last category now number 3,252,819.

Restrictions on the number of households meeting at home or at indoor gatherings and one metre physical distancing in hospitality and leisure settings will be lifted from 5am on Monday.

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, told the BBC Sunday Morning show that the restrictions over this last month have been worth it although she recognised that they have had a “big impact on businesses and individuals”. She also admitted that the anticipated 50,000 daily cases had not materialised but it was largely down to the recent restrictions and also the response to the booster programme.

Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen although Covid passports will be required. The Covid certification scheme is not to be extended at present.Working from home will remain the official government advice although a hybrid return to work from the beginning of February will be discussed with business.

The public are advised to continue to test before meeting others and limit the number of contacts where possible.

Face coverings remain mandatory in public places and on public transport.

When addressing MSPs at The Scottish Parliament on Tuesday the First Minister said: “A combination of booster vaccinations, the willingness of the public to adapt their behaviour to help stem transmission, and the temporary protective measures introduced in December, has helped blunt the impact of the Omicron wave.”

Ms Sturgeon confirmed that the number of new positive cases in the preceding 13 days had fallen significantly, and that was coupled with good news about a fall in the number of people in hospital or ICU.

In addition non-professional indoor contact sports may resume from Monday.

DateNumber of casesCases in LothianNew tests and test positivityICUHospitalPeople who have had third or booster doseDeaths
24 December 20217,0761,29755,780 (14.6%)345362,841,7039,822
29 December 202115,849
30 December 202116,8572,39871,612 (27.1%)348102,944,9779,845
31 December 202111,962*60,818 (22.6%)368592,979,3349,858
1 January 202217,065
2 January 202214,080
3 January 202220,2172,30465,860 (34.9%)381,0312,992,583
4 January 202217,25956,290 (35.3%)421,1473,006,1339,858
5 January 202116,1032,58069,327 (26.9%)421,2233,016,1989,872
6 January 202211,360*2,05957,217 (23.1%)431,2673,041,9619,890
7 January 202214,4862,25378,300 (21.7%)481,3233,063.0009,905
8 January 202212,60257,907 (25.1%)481,3623,082,231
9 January 20227,56138,423 (23.2%)551,3823,101,096
10 January 202211,8271,70747,019 (29.5%)541,4323,115,0659,934
11 January 202210,392(27.7%651,4799,950
12 January 2022
13 January 2022
14 January 2022501,5443,171,28910,038
15 January 20227,833461,54010,059
16 January 2022
17 January 20226,221579431,5573,204,31110,062
18 January 20227,752637421,5463,214,06210,093
19 January 2022
20 January 2022
21 January 2022
22 January 20226,768421,4583,245,885
23 January 20226,329411,4413,252,81910,199