The campaign group Better Broughton are calling a meeting on Zoom on Tuesday night when locals can hear what councillors and transport officials have to say about the development of Picardy Place.

Anyone who has visited the area within the last week will know that the closure of northbound traffic, and the tramworks, are causing mayhem all over the city centre. Coupled with the closure of the northbound lane of North Bridge and other road closures for work by various utility companies, the city has become gridlocked.

But the more important issue relating to Picardy Place is what its future will be, how can the area be made safer for those on foot and what will the public transport interchange look like? Will there be any more green space than at present – in other words will there be any at all now that the trees outside St Mary’s Cathedral have been removed?

View of roadworks and tramworks at Picardy Place with large compound where workers have parked vans and cars. Blue sky - taken from the steps of St Mary's Cathedral where a new bus stop has been formed
Picardy Place 8 January 2022 PHOTO ©2022 The Edinburgh Reporter

Local City Centre ward councillors Karen Doran (Labour – and vice-convenor of the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee) Joanna Mowat (Conservative) and Claire Miller (Green) will speak, and transport officials from the City Council will be available to answer questions.