Webster Honey has won the backing of a sustainability focused communications firm ahead of COP26.

Skog Media Associates, founded by former editor, and now podcast host and climate campaigner Shaun Milne, has agreed to a year-long sponsorship deal with Webster Honey hives as part of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy.

The firm plans to use Webster Honey gifts to welcome new clients and will offset its own carbon emissions with tree planting at a forest in Dundreggan in the Highlands as part of their efforts to mark the UN Climate conference COP26 and beyond. 

Shaun Milne

Skog has its HQ in Edinburgh, but CEO Milne lives in Perth and Kinross near to the hives and has been following the Webster Honey story from the start. His own interest in bees was first stung into action by a former business mentor who was a beekeeper in his spare time.

Shaun said: “He first explained to me how vital bees are to our ecosystem, and that set me down my own path of environmental awareness and campaigning so I’ll be forever grateful.

“I’m local to Kinross near where Webster Honey is based, and have already been following the Webster Honey story for some time, so I am very pleased to be able to support what I consider to be a fantastic and growing initiative.” 

Skog’s growing client portfolio includes major renewable energy firms, ecology and rewilding specialists, environmental campaigns and media organisations based in the UK and Norway. He also hosts a series of client podcasts through Skog, on his Sustainable Scotland show and hopes to interview Webster Honey’s team for future sustainability projects. 

He said: “There’s a very strong message to be shared and I’m keen to do more to support biodiversity including the kind Webster Honey provides. They clearly have some really good businesses involved, but I also love its school and nursery educational programme as we need to start kids off early in learning about bees. Without bees, we’re all in trouble. 

“For businesses with premises, it seems a simple and obvious step to adopt bees and hives from the Webster Honey team. They can also consider the kind of office they work from, or who they partner with based on their values. These are perfect examples of some of the things we can all do if we put our minds to it.”

Skog Media are also keeping a keen eye on the new eco-friendly, small business pods from Webster Spaces – another business under parent firm, Webster Group – in development.  The pods, along with a new Head Office building for the whole of Webster Group, are currently under construction in Kinross.

He said: “I’m very familiar with the very high standards of building from Webster Group having bought property from them previously, and I am very excited to see how the eco pods emerge. They might be a perfect fit for Skog Media Associates, particularly as they too will come with hives available to sponsor. It could be really inspiring to see them on a daily basis on the doorstep.”

Thanking Shaun and Skog Media for the support, Daniel Webster, Managing Director of Webster Group, who set up Webster Honey in 2016 with his partner Emily Kate McDonnell, said: “Skog Media is an inspiring new business which has already helped many other businesses and organisations become more sustainable. 

“We are delighted that Shaun is supporting us and interested to base himself in one of our eco pods when they are ready. We look forward to a wonderful reciprocal relationship, not only on the hive, but with our new Head Office which is designed with sustainability in mind too. 

“We hope it will set a benchmark in the area.  We’ll welcome any advice from someone of Shaun’s calibre on this. He has a fantastic platform from which to spread the word about bees and inspire others to get involved in preserving them and their habitat.”   

Webster Honey hive are based across a number of locations all over Scotland which include schools & nurseries, hotels, shopping centres, fruit farms and nature reserves.