Create a buzz this Christmas with Gifts to save the bees

Webster Honey, the Kinross based sustainable honey business is once again selling gifts for bee lovers – including bee adoption – on its online shop as Christmas approaches.

With hundreds of hives all over Scotland – some of them hosted by hotels and shopping centres – Webster Honey is growing fast and feeds all of its profits back into buying yet more hives.

Bees are under constant threat, with 97% of natural bee habitat lost in the UK since World War Two.

Along with jars of delicious set and runny blossom honey, (£6.50), Webster Honey has grand bee hampers at £25.00, containing a 227g jar of blossom honey, a rolled beeswax candle, and one of Webster Honey’s most popular products – the seed bomb. Designed to help restore lost wildflower habitat, and making an important contribution to the biodiversity of Scotland, the grenade shaped seed bombs are fully biodegradable, and disappear over time. Filled with wildflower seeds which can be shaken onto bare soil, they produce a range of wildflowers which bees love.

Seedbombs cost £4.50 each, or buy four for £16.80.

Another way to help bees this Christmas is to adopt them! Webster Honey has bee adoption packages online from just £4 for a worker bee, £5.50 for a drone and £6.50 for a Queen Bee. You can also buy bee keeping lessons for £280. Whatever your budget there is a package to suit.

Managing Director of Webster Honey Daniel Webster said: “We are big on ethical gifting, and following COP26 this year with environmental issues being so much in the limelight, we think this is going to be a big trend for Christmas 2021.  Seedbombs are a very affordable and novel gift, whilst bee adoption is a little bit different too, although we are used to being asked to adopt and support endangered animals overseas. Bees are right here on our doorstep, and without them we would not be able to pollinate crops.”

“Please take some time to browse our online shop. Honey and hampers will be delivered to your door by Royal Mail. We really appreciate each and every purchase.”