Webster Honey’s online shop at is the quick and easy way to access a choice of delicious fresh honey from Scottish Hives, delivered straight to your door.

The Kinross based company has seen honey supplies boosted this year by the fine Spring and Summer weather which ensured bees flourished and produced a bumper honey crop.

A silver lining of the Spring lockdown was that bees had less pollution to contend with, alongside lovely warm Spring weather. 

“We had a superb year for honey production, and our online shop is open now for orders. We hope you will support our small honey business which feeds all profits back into buying more hives to site all around Scotland,” said business founder, Daniel Webster.

Webster Honey has hives in various locations across Scotland, including fruit farms, woodlands, and Nature Reserves. 

“Bees habitat is under constant threat, and without bees we would have no easy way of pollinating crops,” added Daniel. “They are little dynamos producing the wonder stuff that is honey – as well as tasting delicious on porridge and toast, it benefits us in so many other ways as a natural antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory.” 

Honey available from Webster Honey includes Scottish Blossom Runny and Set Honey, priced from £2.50 to £6.50. Heather and Wildflower Honey is also available, from £6 a jar. 

A choice of Christmas Gifting Hampers (£25) can also be ordered at , packed full of goodies including beeswax candles, soaps, and one of Webster Honey’s most popular products, the Seed Bomb which provides a carpet of wild flowers which bees love. Simply release the bomb and shake onto bare soil to produce a mass of bee friendly  flowers in Spring. 

Candles are available separately, from just £2.50 for a Skep candle, with honey and vanilla soap from £4.

Seed bombs can also be purchased separately, at £3.95 each, or £13.50 for a set of four. 


Webster Honey is the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious gifter, who wants to make a meaningful gift purchase, and support a local business as we recover from the Covid19 pandemic.

Webster Honey’s Honey Workshops can also let you, or a loved one, experience what it’s like to be a beekeeper, whether for a day, or through a longer course with a recognised qualification at the end. This can be to start your own business, or just as a hobby, as more and more people are keen to do their bit to save the bees. 

All vouchers are valid for twelve months.

“We have a beekeeping school at Scotlandwell near Kinross,” said Daniel. “We have a range of vouchers available to access online for four different beekeeping workshops. You can also adopt a hive at various price levels – this would also make a very thoughtful gift for the bee lover this festive season.”.

“We also cater for businesses who want to get involved, whether for sponsorship, having hives at their premise, or for staff incentive reasons.”

Daniel, who started Webster Honey in 2016 with partner Emily Kate McDonnell, explained that the company had been very busy at the start of the year with its School and Nursery educational programme which provides an age appropriate ten week lesson plans to children, teaching them all about the lifecycle of bees. 

“School and nursery children can come to the Beekeeping School for courses, or Meik, our beekeeper, can take an Observational Hive to their premises. Many schools and nurseries have now opted to have their own hives which they can look after for a year, with Meik coming in to carry out checks, and to conduct the lesson plans for the children,” said Daniel. (https://www.websterhoney.com/school-classes/).

“We’re now working with a number of Scottish hotels who have opted to house our hives in their grounds, with several offering beekeeping experiences to their guests.”

“A greater awareness of environmental issues is one huge positive that has also come out of this year’s lockdown. There was interest in beekeeping before, with a desire to preserve their crucial role in food production, and we believe this has been boosted even more. More and more people want to keep bees, whether for recreational or small business purposes. It can be a hugely rewarding pastime, and there is also a real demand for locally produced, artisan honey.”

“It’s a natural, seasonal product that is good for you,” finished Daniel, “so please get yours now whilst we have plenty in stock!”