WHY BLENDLY WAS CREATED – The coffee company that’s a utility for all

When launching Blendly in 2016, owner Mark Wilson wanted to create a commercial coffee roasting company that was ”transparent” on pricing, enabling his customers to access the freshest possible coffee beans from a global marketplace.

He’s now proud to say that Blendly is the only coffee company in the world to aggregate all three steps needed for the production and supply of your cup of delicious artisan coffee. Blendly holds a selection of sustainably sourced, high quality coffee beans which are sold at transparent prices.

You can match High Street brands with Blendly, or create your own blend entirely. It’s simple, done well.

Our buying habits today mean that we want commodities instantly. In creating Blendly Mark wanted to engage with his customers to build a vibrant coffee marketplace.

Blendly provides a sense of community for all customers and partners. When you become a Blendly Barista and access the unique interface, you can swap ideas, share advice, and benefit from business “tools” which cover topics such as stock control, E procurement, equipment care, and distribution! Blendly have thought of everything to be a one stop coffee shop!

As a utility, which makes great coffee instantly available online, Blendly lets customers have a greater stake in the coffee’s provenance, and in personalising their choices, it’s a more meaningful purchase.

Ultimately, Blendly was created because Mark wanted his customers to matter to him. He wanted feedback from them on what they think of the coffee blends, created by a wide range of individuals. He wanted them to share in fresh, sustainably sourced beans.

Knowledge is power to be shared nowadays. The new community marketplace that is Blendly will be around for a long time to come. It’s open to all, whether you are a domestic or trade customer, and it doesn’t matter what level of coffee expertise you are currently at.

At Blendly, we’re always ready for the next coffee trend that comes along, continually applying our same levels of transparency, accessibility, and value for money for the customer, to everything that we do. As we grow this exciting company at this challenging time, that’s our promise to you!

Go online now to select a subscription and start blending!