Commercial coffee roaster & blender Blendly, which works with numerous hospitality businesses all over the UK,  has launched a new online “at home” service, so that lovers of great coffee in Edinburgh can create their own custom blends and have the coffee delivered direct to their door. 

By going online to the Blendly site, coffee lovers can tap into the same advice, support and coffee community feeling that Blendly’s corporate customers enjoy. They can choose a mix of beans from all over the world, with online advice as to how to create a blend which is completely unique to them. Or they can match to a popular High Street coffee shop blend. Prices are from just £4.99 a month with the Barista at Home plan. 

Here are some of the many advantages to choosing Blendly and enjoying the journey to creating your own coffee!  

 1. You can share your blend with other people.  Create your blend and see it published to friends, family and the wider coffee drinking community that you think would enjoy your coffee experience.

2. You can create your own coffee blend with your name on the bag. All coffee blends from Blendly are roasted fresh. Experiment and create blends until you find the perfect match. The Blendly website contains a Blend Creator where customers start blending themselves. Or you can opt for one of the mixes for specific coffee blends that other companies use.

3. Dial the beans mix and blend Many coffee company websites contain information on the regions the coffee comes from.  From this you can begin to create your own blend.  It’s usually the same raw material base when creating coffee especially if it’s a high volume brand.  

4. Earn money for the community accounts can be upgraded to allow you to supply coffee to your colleagues, friends, or coffee shop customers.  Every account features a Community Builder add-on that lets you manage your own customers. 

5. You can share a blend and earn an income The Community Builder accounts are designed to allow you to create value as you build your knowledge of the coffee beans and tastes. As your knowledge increases you can upgrade your account to access lower cost coffee that’s available in bigger volumes and create and manage coffee supply accounts to homes, offices and workplaces. 

6. You can get a Taste Match of any coffee Over the years Blendly has matched most commercial coffee blends. This is done the traditional way via cupping the blend. We have over 60 years of cupping and roasting experience and we are happy to use this experience to enhance a customer’s blending experience. 

7. You can keep your blend secret if you don’t want to share your it until you have perfected it Blendly respect that some of our customers may not want to share their coffee blend. In a customer’s account you can choose to keep your blend private in the marketplace. 

8. You can manage home deliveries for friends and family  The Blendly account allows you to take orders from friends and family and help them manage their accounts in your Community Builder account. It allows you to manage the list of people you want to make to make blends for. It also has a referral link in the account that means when they use that and create an account you can also start generating an income. 

 9. You can create a referral link  Each coffee blend that is created contains its own unique digital code that is unique to the person who created it. A referral link allows you to send the value of your blend to other people and for that value to be recorded in your community builder account.  

10. You can have fun! 

The most important point is Blendly is great fun, allowing you to create coffee for you and special to you, your friends and family.  It allows you to share a passion, build expertise and knowledge on a great product that you can develop and connect you to other people who share your love of great coffee.

Find out more and start creating your coffee at