A new Chief Executive has been appointed at the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. Mridul Wadhwa takes over from Caroline Burrell who has led the organisation for 16 years.

Mridul said: “I am very excited to be moving to ERCC. Having been involved in the violence against women and equality sectors in Scotland since 2005, I am really looking forward to leading the committed team of women who do such incredible work supporting survivors of sexual violence. 

“I am especially pleased to be joining the organisation at a time when it is seeking to increase its accessibility to and inclusion of survivors of gender based violence from marginalised and easy to ignore communities. As a passionate, loud and consistent advocate for the rights of trans women and Black Minority Ethnic women, I look forward to working alongside my new colleagues to ensure that we provide inclusive and flexible support.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, we know that more people will need support to cope with trauma they have experienced. It is an honour to be in the position to provide this support.”

Mridul Wadhwa

Mridul was previously with the Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre, Rape Crisis Scotland and Shakti Women’s Aid.

Kathryn Dawson, Chair of ERCC’s Board of Directors, said: “Mridul brings a wealth of experience to ERCC, from her work in the wider rape crisis and women’s movements, to her activism and campaigning on trans rights, BME rights and other equalities issues. We are delighted that a woman with such a strong track record in improving the lives of women and campaigning against all forms of inequality will be leading our organisation into the future.

“At a time when we know women have borne the brunt of the pandemic, and when some of the hard-won improvements in gender and LGBT+ equality are being threatened, I am delighted that ERCC will have such a strong and determined leader to find a way through the challenges ahead, and lead ERCC from strength to strength.”

Established in 1978, ERCC is the largest rape crisis centre in Scotland, providing therapeutic and emotional support, information and advocacy for women, non-binary people, members of the trans community and young people aged 12 and over in Edinburgh, East and Midlothian who have experienced sexual violence. ERCC also works in schools and with young people across Edinburgh and the Lothians to raise awareness of sexual violence and deliver prevention workshops.


  1. I don’t even know where to begin to say what a betrayal of women this is. How little must the people in charge of what is supposed to be a refuge for traumatized women think of us to say men can not only identify into women’s shelters, but can be the CEO!! This is an outrage against women who have been victimized all for the sake of a trend that will end because we all know there are only 2 sexes. We all came out of a woman. To the people who back this center, please get a tenth of the courage these battered women have had to have to live through abuse from men, and protect them from autogynephiles invading their spaces. Wake up.

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