Balerno Community Council have put their weight behind local objections to plans to build another 300-plus houses in the village.

The group say Rapleys proposal is detrimental to the Green Belt and has implications for traffic and transport, agricultural land use and infrastructure.

Traffic is a particular concern and a community council spokesman said that Lanark Road West is already congested.

A spokesman added: “It is important that the Ravelrig application is seen in the context of the growth of traffic all down Lanark Road West to Gillespie Crossroads.

“Traffic from the Ravelrig development would join new traffic from the new developments at Ravelrig Heights, Somerville Road, Newmills Road, Rivermill and Kinleith and all the rest.

Balerno Green Belt (BGB) campaigners have been busy canvasing support at the monthly market and have delivered leaflets to all households in the area as they continue their their bid to block the plans.

The deadline for objections is Sunday, December 6 and locals have been urged to protest to City of Edinburgh Council via the council’s website.

BGB leaders claim the site is greenbelt as defined by the local development plan and stress that two major sites have been developed in the last four years.

They have added over 300 new homes and objectors claim: “There is no further evidence of further demand for housing in the area.”

BGB said: “The development of mainly family houses could mean an additional 700 cars and would add to the congestion and pollution that already exists on the A70 Lanark Road.”

Protestors also claim that the local primary school and the medical centre do not have the capacity to serve the development.

The spokesman added that parking in the village and the loss of agricultural land should also be considered.

BGB added: “The site falls away steeply to the North making it unattractive for development and furthermore the main entrance to the site appears to be in close proximity to the brow of a hill which could make it a collision hazard.

“There is a narrow bridge at the bottom of the hill leading to rural roads which are unsuitable for increased volumes of traffic.”

PICTURE: area around the site