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Community Council back Balerno housing protest

Balerno Community Council have put their weight behind local objections to plans to build another 300-plus houses in the village.The group say Rapleys proposal is detrimental to the Green Belt and has implications for...

Scotland against Trump holding protest at The Mound at 6.00pm today

A protest is planned for this evening at 6.00pm at the pedestrianised area at the foot of The Mound by the campaign group Scotland Against Trump.This Emergency Protest follows the executive order published by...

Anti-Israel demonstration at “Shalom Festival” in Tollcross

A large and energetic protest began around 10 am this morning outside the Central Halls in Tollcross where an Israeli cultural fringe event is being held. The event, called the Shalom Festival, celebrates Israeli music, food...

Edinburgh protesters take to the streets

On Saturday a demonstration took place in the capital to draw attention to the plight of those living under the oppressive regime in Tibet. A group of protesters marched through Edinburgh at the weekend demonstrating...

Occupy Edinburgh Protesters call for Robin Hood tax

Approximately 80 members of Occupy Edinburgh and their supporters marched through Edinburgh calling for the introduction of a 'Robin Hood ' tax.The protesters, many of who have been camping in St Andrew Square for...

Protesters set up camp in Edinburgh

Around 30 anti-greed protesters camped out overnight in Edinburgh's St Andrew Square.Saturday had seen approximately 200 people gather in the square to support  the Occupy Edinburgh campaign. The group intends to maintain a permanent presence there, and...

Amnesty International in Edinburgh

Amnesty International led a delegation of Scottish organisations in Edinburgh yesterday. They, and others, are concerned about the rights of gypsy travellers and Roma and wanted to lobby the various European consulates in the...

Student protests on The Mound

by Thomas HaywoodStudents braved the cold yesterday on the Mound to demonstrate against government cuts in university education. There was a heavy police presence but appeared to be no trouble.Thomas Haywood Photography


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