One of our readers works in a city centre office.

They have been in self-isolation for over a week now so we asked what it is like.

Our reader replied: “Well there are two things really. First is that every day has been different (whatever it is that I’ve got tries a different line of attack each day, one day fever, next day breathless, but so far never all at once) but like a bad flu.

“The second thing is that , as it’s impossible to get tested, I’m working on the basis it might not be coronavirus – in which case the stresser is you want to get back up to nearer 100% health in time so your body is back strong enough to tackle it when the time comes.

“The lack of testing leaves you hoping this is coronavirus so that at least you’re using all your energies to tackle the right thing.

“It’s been 9 days since it began so it’s just a case of ‘whatever this is, just need to shake it off’.

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