Sustainable honey business, webster honey, which operates a Nursery & Primary School education programme, along with selling its honey in farm shops and delicatessens all over Scotland, has announced a new business sponsorship programme, along with a chance for members of the public to adopt a bee, or bee colony.

Businesses wishing to sponsor a hive can discuss a number of tailored packages, with the chance to have up to twelve representatives from the business coming along to complete a team building course with webster honey’s experienced beekeeper at the company’s new Beekeeping centre in Scotlandwell.

Hives can be housed at the place of business, or the business can opt to sponsor hives situated elsewhere in Scotland, on nature reserves, or in schools, for example.   

Levels of adoption for bee loving members of the public are also available, from just £4 for a Drone Bee adoption, to £325 for a Queen Bee package. Along with knowing that they are doing their best to help promote and protect honey bees, which are hugely valuable to the eco system and help pollinate crops, those adopting will receive pictures and can follow the bees progress on social media.

webster honey is also forging ahead with its proven school learning programme, with schools and nurseries all over Edinburgh, Fife & the Lothians signed up to take part.

Supplied with beehives to tend and look after, webster honey’s beekeeper comes into the schools and nurseries over a ten week timescale to check on the hives, and complete the learning programme. A one day course is also available, with an observational hive being brought into the schools to start off the process. Often this one day course can led to the school signing up for the full ten week lesson plan.

“We are delighted to launch both a new business sponsorship scheme, and affordable adoption levels for the public,” said Managing Director Daniel Webster. “We think it’s a great idea to engage with businesses of all sizes. They can get their company logo on the hives, and will be kept up to date with their hive’s journey as honey is created for harvesting in late summer. For others who love bees and want to help them survive, an adoption package can make a great gift.”

To contact webster honey about the new sponsorship scheme, adoption, or about the school & nursery programmes, please check out the new website at www.websterhoney.com