2015KAFKASB_AAYby Michael Casey

A dark fable that centres on the story (originally by Franz Kafka) of an ape who, after being captured, learns to speak and becomes a star employee of a company at the heart of the military industrial complex.

This “one ape show” is a tremendous  performance by Howard Rosenstein who keeps the audience entranced for the whole hour.

It is a dark journey into the night. It is a sad tale that hints and then hammers at the dark night of the soul that the ape inhabits.

This is also tale told with a black injection of humour. The ape may be inhabiting a Roussean paradox but that does not mean he can hold a mirror up to the absurdities of man’s existence.

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Michael Casey is the Editor of YourThurrock and this review is a collaboration between The Edinburgh Reporter and YourThurrock, two of the many hyperlocal news websites in the UK.