The new exhibition at Birch Tree Gallery at 23a Dundas Street is called rather fittingly Awakening.

Gallery owner, Jurgita Galbraith said: “It is not just an awakening from a long winter, but an awakening from the hardships that Covid has brought us, things that should give us an uplifting feeling. Then why do I not feel that way? Sadly, there is also another awareness, that of a “Rude Awakening”. This rude awakening is of course caused by the horrors of the war in Ukraine. The images that come to us through the media are deeply disturbing. There is that feeling of helplessness, watching how a drama unfolds itself and feeling powerless to do anything.

“The very least we can do is expressing our solidarity which is why our white tree in front of the gallery is sprouting blue and yellow blossoms. 300 hundred flowers were lovingly installed by Monique, who is attending the gallery this week. It is our way of showing how much we care, showing moral support and expressing that the people of the Ukraine are in our hearts and minds.”

The exhibition “Awakening” has new uplifting work, it is bright and full of hope for the future. It brings together a variety of artists working in a variety of media. Oil painting is represented by Brenda Martin and Monique Dick. There are watercolours by Peter Davis, watercolour and ink by Pamela Grace and Susan Macintosh and mixed media by Glynnis Carter.
Ceramicist Janene Waudby smoke fires her vessels with sawdust, moss, seaweed and bracken, common to the Highlands. Printmaking is represented by Joshua Miles (reduction linocut and monotype) and last, but not least, glass artists Alison Jardine (glass vessels) and Samantha Yates (stained glass) show a colourful range of stunning pieces.

Click on the image below to see some images of the exhibition.