Scotrail has honoured the life and legacy of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) campaigner, Gordon Aikman BEM by naming an Inter7City high speed train after him.

In the last three years of his life Gordon raised more than £500,000 to help find a cure for the disease which he died from aged 29 in February 2017. The rail operator and charity formed a partnership just two months after Gordon died.

As well as Gordon’s Fightback, he also campaigned for other improvements for those who have terminal conditions. He persuaded the Scottish Government to pay the National Living Wage to carers, as well as ensuring that people who lose their voice due to a medical condition have the correct speech equipment from the NHS.

Alex Hynes, Scotland’s Railway Managing Director, said: “Gordon’s legacy is outstanding, uplifting, and impressive, inspiring our partnership with MND Scotland.

“The way Gordon continued to campaign to raise awareness about this disease while fighting against it, is a lesson in courage, perseverance, and human endeavour.

“We are proud to be naming one of our iconic Inter7City high speed trains in his honour and look forward to the day when a cure is found for this truly terrible disease.”

Gordon’s husband, Joe Pike, said: “Gordon would be proud to see how far we have come in the fight against MND. And much of this is due to the incredible backing of supporters like ScotRail, its staff and customers.

“With the launch of the UK’s biggest MND clinical drug trial in a generation, almost everyone with the disease in Scotland now has access to a drug trial.

“Gordon was obsessed with research because it provides hope. It means future generations may not have to go through the pain he did, and have their lives cut short by this devastating condition.”

Iain McWhirter, MND Scotland’s Interim Chief Executive, said: “In the face of a devastating diagnosis, Gordon turned his grief into a drive to fight for the rights of others living with MND and to fund a cure. His legacy will be remembered, not only here, but in the hearts of everyone he inspired.

“This plaque is a tribute to everything Gordon achieved in the short time he had left, and we are very grateful to all ScotRail staff and customers who have continued to support our movement to end MND.”