Linlithgow Loch (pictured) bosses have stocked over 1,200 fish since February 24 and the early-season returns have been encouraging.

Up to midweek, 38 fish have been kept for 101lb 4oz and 89 returned. A floating line with a long leader has produced the best results.

Secretary Tom Lambert said best patterns have been black and green cormorants and lures and orange blobs and he added: “The water is very clear and without weed – ideal.”

At nearby Bowden Springs, Tam Duncan was one of the more successful anglers, landing a cracking brown trout which weighed 11lbs and the catch was verified by other anglers. He also had five other trout with a total weight of around 20lbs.

Rosslynlee near Penicuik has also been fishing well with Mr B McLeary and Mr D Menzies both having 21 to their net, McLeary catching on buzzers and egg patterns while Menzies tempted his on buzzers, cormorant and diawl bach, with a best fish estimated at around 10lb.

J McLeary also had 13 to the net on buzzers and egg patterns while Rosslynlee regular Rab Amos reported in with 11 on one session thanks to his favoured egg patterns.

And Loganlea, which opened last weekend, is also performing. James Charters landed the first fish of the season and that was followed by Kenny McDonald with 16 to the net mostly on an Ally McCoist patter

Meanwhile, RIO Products launched Fluoroflex Strong tippet material and the PR blurb said: “The material is very easy to tie knots with, has a very high knot strength, and a smooth finish that ensures knots seat easily and tightly.

The fluorocarbon line is available in “half sizes” of key trout diameters giving anglers extra options and it is available with 30 yards per spool in sizes 7X (2.6lb) to 100lb, as well as bulk spools of 100 yards in sizes 7X to 0X (2.6lb to 15.5lb).

In addition, the company offer the product in a three-pack option, with either a spool of 3X, 4X and 5X, or a spool of 4X, 5X and 6X tippet material.