Designed to boost the honeybee population by restoring lost wildflower habitat, all of which makes an important contribution to the biodiversity of Scotland, Webster Honey’s popular and innovative flower seed bombs (£3.95 each) have been given a new look.

The grenade shaped containers, which are fully biodegradable, and disappear over time, are filled with wildflower seeds which when shaken onto bare soil produce a range of wildflowers which bees love.

Bees continue to decline at an alarming rate with 97% of natural bee habitat having been lost in the UK since the Second World War.

Managing Director of Webster Honey Daniel Webster, said: “We’ve revamped the packaging of this affordable little product which is actually one of our best sellers, proving especially popular in the run up to Christmas last year.

“The fantastically warm Spring and Summer this year has been brilliant for bees, and will have gone some way to preserving their numbers, but we still need to provide them with areas of wild flowers where they can collect pollen and thrive.”

Webster Honey sells its own set and runny honey on its website. It’s produced from hives all over Scotland.

The Kinross based company is hoping to resume its educational honey classes in schools and nurseries all over the country, having seen these lessons prove massively popular at the start of the year.

“Schools and Nurseries can sign up for a series of age appropriate classes with Meik our beekeeper who will engage directly with them in the classroom, even lending the school or nursery a hive for a whole year, or they can try a one day course with our observation hive as a taster,” said Daniel. “All this had to stop over lockdown which was very sad, especially as the weather was so good for checking on the hives.”

“However we have gathered many enquiries from schools looking to introduce this in 2021.” 

Mr Webster also explained that Webster Honey offered honeybee sponsorship which could be a gift for someone, or used as a business incentive opportunity, and Meik the beekeeper also offers beekeeping courses at their school in Scotlandwell.

“Everything will help our amazing bees at this time!” he concluded.