A tiny Edinburgh business has won the New Kid on the Block awards at The Small Awards 2020.

A wee pedal was founded only last year by Leanne Farmer. The business takes guests cycling around Edinburgh to enjoy the history and take photographs of our scenery.

The company won the award as a business that started in the last eighteen months and has demonstrated considerable progress to grow and develop.

Michelle Ovens MBE, Founder of Small Business Britain said: “Congratulations to Leanne Farmer for winning this Small Award! This is hugely deserved and recognises its amazing contribution to the local community and the UK’s small business sector. Firms like A wee pedal mean so much to their customers and staff and are truly at the heart of communities. The Small Awards is all about throwing a spotlight on their success, particularly in these challenging times!” 

Leanne spoke to us after the awards. She said: “I am delighted to win The Small Awards, Best UK start-up award. Last summer we gained many tourist customers who loved the tours.

“When we went into lockdown, I decided to loan our fleet of bikes to keyworkers and  also offered free bike servicing for keyworkers with help from Cycling UK. Gradually neighbours and friends asked for help too to keep them moving during this period.

“We are now able to offer cycle tours for local families who have re-discovered the joys of cycling together and want to discover new routes and destinations. Our fleet of bikes arrived courtesy of a recent partnership with Decathlon, and after their stint with keyworkers are now awaiting local families and visitors to Edinburgh looking for a fun day out here in Edinburgh.

“In addition, our ‘pay it back’ scheme, allows us to offer once a month free family rides and play together on pedal classes at Bridgend Farmhouse. Winning this award has confirmed our mission that active and sustainable travel enhances mental and physical wellbeing for all. We strive to be an inclusive,  ethical and socially conscious company that offers fun and rewarding experiences to all cyclist irrespective of age, fitness and ability.”