Sector-specialist marketing firm targeting local and international growth

A dedicated creative and market intelligence agency that has zeroed in on the business of space is targeting further growth following a raft of client wins.

AstroAgency, which was founded in late 2019 as Europe’s first and only marketing and insights agency dedicated to space, working with public and private space clients and companies looking to break into one of the UK’s fastest-growing industries.

From the beginning it has been met with sector approval, already expanding to a fully-remote network of more than 23 team members working across 30 global space clients, including Scottish Government agencies, the UK Space Agency, Prestwick Spaceport (c/o South Ayrshire Council), Euroconsult, Global Surface Intelligence, Deploy Solutions,  Alpha Data and ROOM Space Journal.

After winning further briefs for US space data firm Asterra and Flann Microwave in Cornwall, AstroAgency is now looking to recruit at least three further marketing staff to join its Europe-wide team – while it is set to treble its turnover for its second financial year.

Founder Daniel Smith, 38, has been a director in four ‘newspace’ start-ups in the last four years and is the former Chair of Space Scotland, a collegiate forum that brings together close to fifty space companies with government and academia.

One of the key faces representing the space sector in the UK pavilion at World Expo in Dubai, Smith spoke on Scotland’s space ambitions to a global audience, leading to features on Dubai-wide Expo TV and worldwide news network, CNN. He was also a panelist on the Sustainable Space panel, a topic he and his fellow ‘Astro Agents’ feel very passionate about.

Speaking on AstroAgency and his ambitions for the company, he said: “We see ourselves as a space company that specialises in plugging a gap in the sector around messaging, positioning, intelligence, promotion and research, rather than being a marketing firm.

“That means our team are genuine sector experts, the majority from space companies, who understand what is required to grow businesses in the sector, connect them to key stakeholders and advise on the challenges, as well as the opportunities, the industry presents to both space companies and those that could be moving into the sector, not matter what they currently do.

“It’s safe to say our make-up is unlike most marketing firms – we include scientists, engineers and data analysts, as well as individuals with a passion for space ethics and in-orbit environmentalism.

“The space sector is flourishing and has tremendous support from UK and Scottish government, but it needs new suppliers, while data from satellites can provide so many benefits to the environment, businesses and society in general, yet many remain unsure how to access the insights.“

Headquartered in Edinburgh, AstroAgency’s fast growing and diverse remote team is based in key strategic locations, including London, Milan and Paris. The company is currently considering an additional presence in the UAE, Canada or Australia.

Smith, who is also an advisory board member and mentor to UK-wide student space group UKSEDS, added, “As the upstream launch and downstream data segments of the sector continue to develop at pace, there is a strong need for a robust supply chain network, with companies from other sectors recognising the part they can play, provided they have the support and guidance to make the most of the huge opportunities coming our way. Glasgow produces more satellites than anywhere in Europe and Edinburgh is positioning itself a global leader in space data analysis.

“Like many start-ups, the challenge for us now is to continue our early rapid growth in a way that is sustainable. That’s an exciting problem to have – and expanding our client base globally is a realistic goal for us within the next 12 months.”

AstroAgency are helping businesses – that may not currently perceive themselves to be space firms – to realise their potential and offerings in one of the UK’s booming sectors.

The agency is looking for organisations which have transferrable technology, skills or experience that can be utilised within the space supply chain and for individuals with marketing expertise who would like to be part of the space industry.

Daniel Smith and Daria Filichkina, Head of Operations at AstroAgency