David Ogg (pictured) confirmed that Angling Scotland await advice from professionals in the health and political arenas on a return to the sport.

The organisation have, however, received a positive response to their dossier which stressed a phased return to fishing.

Ogg, who is chairman of the body which looks after the interests of game, coarse and sea fishermen north of the Border, added: “We realised that there was little likelihood of a quick return and all the indications from the Scottish and UK Governments are that there will be a phased relaxation towards the normality we were used to previously.

“That is why we presented a two phased approach with the easiest things to do first and the more difficult things later.”

He added: “The view of our board is that travel is key. The vast majority of anglers travel some distance to fish and there are only a fortunate few who can leave their house and go straight onto a river bank or loch or seashore to fish.

“At the moment there is a very limited definition and angling is not included as one of the reasons to make an essential journey.”

One tricky area involved in a return, he said, is boat fishing and he added: “Quite a lot of game angling, in particular, takes place in a two- or three-person boat.

“Also, the sea guys go out in boats in fairly close proximity of each other with anywhere from two or three or five or six or seven people (or more) on a boat. That is obviously a much more difficult return to pre-March norms.

“The most important thing is that we assist in getting this situation (COVID-19) under control that is by behaving ourselves and following the guidance that the Scottish Government and UK Government have introduced.”