Armadale Devils will compete in British Speedway’s National Development League (NDL) along with six other clubs next season.

The announcement comes after the annual meeting of the league and bosses are delighted that Armadale’s inclusion will bring regular NDL racing back to Scotland.

However, Cradley Heath and Stoke have been lost from the competition due to their stadium issues.

Armadale join stand-alone clubs Isle of Wight, Mildenhall and Plymouth along with Belle Vue Colts, champions Leicester Lion Cubs, and Kent who remain in the NDL alongside their entry to senior Championship level.

The stand-alone clubs will compete in all three full team competitions, whilst Leicester will also defend the KO Cup, and two major events will also be coming to each of the stand-alone venues.

The points limit for NDL team-building rises to 39.00, and a change from last season sees the elimination of the 2.00 minimum average, which has now reverted to 3.00.

British Speedway Chairman Rob Godfrey said: “A lot of hard work has gone into the arrangements for the NDL and, as an association, we are very keen to preserve the three tiers of British Speedway.

“We have had to strike a balance between the interests of the stand-alone clubs and those who run in the NDL in addition to their senior teams, and we believe the outcome of the AGM is that those needs have been met for all clubs involved.

“It is particularly pleasing to see NDL racing returning to Scotland, so I congratulate the management at Edinburgh on taking their place at this level.

“We were very keen to ensure the additional meaningful fixtures that stand-alone clubs require beyond the regular league programme, and the various events that are heading to those venues means that should prove to be the case.

“The NDL is a highly-valued division in British Speedway and I am sure we can look forward to another excellent year of racing in 2020.”

Picture: library shot of speedway from Colin Poole