A Kinross based sustainable honey business is doing its bit to help the environment this festive season with the launch of a product to help the UK’s declining bee population. Recent figures reveal that 97% of natural bee habitat has been lost in the UK since WW2.

Webster Honey’s Seed Bombs are designed to help restore lost wildflower habitat, making an important contribution to the biodiversity of Scotland.  The grenade shaped containers, which are fully biodegradable, and disappear over time, are filled with wildflower seeds which when shaken onto bare soil produce a range of wildflowers which bees love.

Managing Director of Webster Honey Daniel Webster said : “This is a big product for us in the 2019 ethical gifting market,  and we have already had coverage in The Times Scotland ethical gifting section. They are a very affordable and novel gift which we expect to be popular.”

“We also have a selection of set and runny honey for sale which is produced from our hives all over Scotland.”

Mr Webster outlined that the company had been busy this year cracking on with its education honey classes in schools and nurseries all over the country.

He said : “They can sign up for a series of age appropriate classes with Meik our beekeeper who will engage directly with them in the classroom, even lending the school or nursery a hive for a whole year, or they can try a one day course with our observation hive as a taster. The classes have been very popular, and we have many more schools and nurseries lined up to take part next year,” said Daniel.

“We also offer honeybee sponsorship which is another gift with a conscience, or you can even buy someone a beekeeping course at our school in Scotlandwell.”