IF you want to see a charming depiction of a Nordic story that caters for all ages then this is for you.

This is wonderful, charming tale of how a Viking son Ragnar Ragnarrson travels through fjords and mountains as he attempts to gain his wings.

This is brought to you by Cambridge theatre group, Intrepid Fools, who act with a combination of warmth and conviction.

Each character is wonderfully carved out from axe wielding fathers to a bear with a wonderful Scandinavian accent.

There is little space and a few props but this troupe use the space most effectively and each prop has great significance.

The script allows the story to flow and each character to develop. Praise for skilfull direction by Harry Tennison who really gets the pacing right and the best out of each actor.

There is also a couple of lovely musical numbers.

Children present at this performance loved the story as it kept you interested in each character.

You really feel this is a young theatre group to watch and would like to see them in future productions.

Go down to Underbelly and capture this group now.

Underbelly Jersey: 11.45am.

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