Shakespeare for Breakfast C Venues: 130 George Street, Edinburgh

THIS show was an absolute hoot. This was sixty minutes of tight as a drum punning and comedic interaction.

You never know what you are going to expect at a 10.00am show. A packed audience had clearly heard the word and it wasn’t just the free croissants.

The show involved five actors playing a multitude of parts but you could be forgiven for thinking there were ten or more.

The whole Romeo and Juliet story is played out as a coffee shop feud. The puns hit you at a rate of knots.

One of the key qualities of this production is that they really really seem to be enjoying themselves and that translates into laughs from the audience.

And no, we didn’t really at times whether they were ad-libbing at times or not. “One shoe “was an example.

Emily Jane Kerr was outstanding, especially her Paris character. She won Barista of the Year, three times in a row, you know.

Shake4break also made great use of the space, with characters and lines coming from all angles.

In conclusion, this was a joy to behold and a testament to the amount of preparation that must have gone into making this one of the tightest shows in town.