SET in a small West Highland town, where a lack of prospects leaves young people looking for more, Salmon follows Angus and his self-destruction in the aftermath of his dog’s death.

The set leaves us in no doubt that Angus is in a hole. He is lying on his bed surrounded by empty beer cans and other detritus. It soon emerges that he is unhappy with his Highland life but you soon feel there is more to this.

The other characters, parents, girlfriend, former schoolfriend emerge as the picture is slowly painted.

This is a claustrophobic play. The actors really inhabit their characters. Each one carefully drawn and so helps us understand their role in Angus’ life.

Well acted as you feel for Angus, even after we find out what he has done.

What is remarkable is that there is very little interaction between the actors, there are scenes with linear narratives but that technique drives the story and makes it an intense experience.

We highly recommend this play.

Salmon – Assembly Powder Room until 12 August.

By Eve and Sea Productions
Assembly Powder Room
George Street
1445 hrs

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