WLAA committee member David Meek with one of the fish he landed last season from the river. Picture by Nigel Duncan Media

Last season West Lothian Angling Association(WLAA) upped their permit cap from 100 to 150 permits.

WLAA chairman Bruce Hope says the early indications are that the sales this year are healthy and there is a demand for them.

Bruce believes the river has become so popular because it is easily to reach as it flows through the heart of Livingston and picturesque Almondell.

And he argues that people should buy a permit because that is then their written consent to fish the waters.

And Bruce added; “Holding a permit also says that you agree to adhere to the rules and ethics the association supports.

“The cold snap is keeping the fish down at the moment so nymphs and streamers will be your best bet until the weather improves.

“As to best flies, olive up-wing patterns won’t let you down.

“Wading can be slippery underfoot, but it’s not a deep river. I’d still recommend a wading staff and most of our water is easily accessible.

“I don’t think there is a bad part of the river, just don’t go having high expectations.”

Permits are available at the Edinburgh Angling Centre at Granton, Tangles in Broxburn, Orvis at Hope Street in Edinburgh and online through the association’s website.

They are also available and the association’s monthly fly tying evenings at Mid Calder Community Centre from 7.30pm to 9pm on the first Monday of every month.

Young anglers get to fish free and Bruce said: “We want to encourage the youth to fish. After all, they are the future club members and committee members.”