East Lothian Council applied for an interim antisocial behaviour order against Alison Freeman who lives at Hardgate in Haddington and this was granted at Haddington Sheriff Court today.

The terms of the interim ASBO prohibit Ms Freeman from having more than two visitors at her home, garden or in the immediate surrounding area, unless they are there for the course of their employment.

The court heard that Ms Freeman has a long history of anti-social behaviour both in Haddington and Musselburgh. In Haddington, there has been a constant stream of noisy visitors to her flat, misuse of drugs and alcohol in the common areas of the building, banging doors at all hours of the day and night, loud music and Ms Freeman also allowed her dog to attack a neighbour and their dog.

Under the terms of the interim ASBO, she is also forbidden from shouting or swearing or encouraging visitors to shout or swear in or around her home, and she must desist from repeatedly banging doors in a manner that alarms other residents or visitors to that address.

A council spokesperson said:

‘Mrs Freeman’s behaviour caused a great deal of distress to her neighbours. The Anti Social Behaviour Order means Ms Freeman will have modify her behaviour from now on, enabling her neighbours to live in peace and quiet, as is their right.

‘The council is committed to dealing with anti-social behaviour quickly and firmly and, with other partners, will continue to monitor the situation and make sure that Ms Freeman complies fully with the terms of her Order.’