We all know that it is not cheap to go to the cinema – but £7.55 for a film seems just a little hefty somehow. Which is probably a lot to do with the fact that the cinema was practically empty. Cinema companies may have to adopt a Ryanair approach to business yet, if they do not want to fall foul of straitened economic times. Would it not be better arithmetic to have all the seats filled at £2 each rather than 8 people in the cinema at £7.55 each? And then there’s the price of popcorn…..

It was a pity because the film was very good. It is a true story, something which had escaped the Reporter’s notice till the end when photos of the real family came up on screen.

A real feel-good movie for a Sunday, it showcases Sandra Bullock’s mighty talents yet again. It also shows that there are some marriages made in heaven, where one partner is happy to give room and respect for the other. So take heart if that is not you in your relationship, there are some good people out there, you may just not have met them yet! Only a little point, but it seemed unusual that in a house the size we were shown on screen you would think they might have had more than one guest bedroom….

Rotten Tomatoes, the film guide website, gives this film 67%, which must only reflect the fact that the slightly sentimental bent is probably not for everyone.