Along with Edinburgh University’s Centre for Research Collections I ran the first “Student of Light” workshop on Thursday to celebrate the work of photographer, Robert Blomfield.

Starting at the free Blomfield exhibition hosted in the Main University Library, the workshop participants discussed composition and practical street photography techniques before heading out into the streets where Robert had taken some of his photos

The campus has changed considerably in the 50 years since the young medical student roamed there with his camera, but there are plenty of locales where very little has changed. The group re-created some of Blomfield’s iconic captures, and stood where he did to capture life in the city.

With the blazing sun offering stark contrasting light and long shadows, there was plenty of life on Old Town streets for our “Students of Light” to practice Blomfield inspired imagery.

We look forward to an exhibition of street photography in another 50 years which may even include some images taken during the workshops.

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For more on Robert’s life and work, visit:

Robert Blomfield: Student of Light, is supported by the Scottish Funding Council. It takes place from 6 May-to 1 October at the University of Edinburgh Main Library, 10am to 4pm