• Name and Age – Niel Deepnarain
  • Political Party – Scottish Family Party 
  • Ward – Leith Walk 

I have lived in Leith for over a year now and I know that I have come here for a reason and purpose, as I see the needs of the people and want to make a difference. I have been involved in youth, kids and young adults’ work for many years, worked alongside many different campaigns doing our best to make a real difference. I have been involved in law, politics, education, events and ministry for many years.

I will work hard to earn the trust of people, creating positive relationships. I will act on what I say. Together we can forge a better community and make our Leith an even more wonderful place to live.

Local issues I’d fight for include more active policing for safer streets. We need a crackdown on dog fouling. We need an end to overflowing street bins. The tram works are a disaster for businesses. The council needs to step in.

We need to attract more investment into businesses around Leith. Let’s resource youth centres properly to help with wellbeing and life skills. Let’s get creative in converting abandoned buildings and railways into great facilities that meet local needs. Let’s make a difference for those unable to work and who are out of work.

I find it a privilege and honour to be part of the Scottish Family Party as we are standing for truth, we keep to our promises and really want to see a change for people and the good of our Scotland. 

We will always stand for the core principles of promoting marriage as the best foundation for stable family life and protecting the lives of all