What the Fork Monarchs and Glasgow Tigers meet in two of their biggest meetings on successive nights at Armadale this weekend, the Knockout Cup, semi-final, second-leg on Friday (7.30pm), and the SGB Championship play-off, semi-final, first-leg on Saturday (7pm).

The Armadale combine are 16 points adrift from a disappointing Knockout Cup first-leg at Ashfield but bosses were boosted by a strong showing against Redcar Bears on Tuesday in the SGB Championship, play-off, quarter-final, second-leg.

Monarchs’ star Josh Pickering (pictured), who was forced to use an engine which didn’t really suit the conditions at Ashfield last Sunday, said: “I’m not worried whether it is the cup or the league, we’re here to win everything.

“We won’t bother thinking about the 16 point deficit on Friday, just go out to win every race. I’ve been here five years and we haven’t won anything in that time so I want to put that right. The fans are here cold, wind, rain supporting us so I want to win for them.”

The aggregate winners after Friday will meet Poole in the Knockout Cup Final.

The Friday and Saturday matches will be live streamed, however the stream will be available only to those out with a 25 mile radius of the track. Anyone within that limit but unable to attend should email info@edinburghmonarchs.co.uk

WHAT THE FORK MONARCHS: Sam Masters (capt), Anders Rowe, Kye Thomson, Josh Pickering, Richie Worrall, Drew Kemp, Jason Edwards (guest)

ALLIED VEHICLES TIGERS: Craig Cook, Sam Jensen, Broc Nicol, Tom Brennan, Ricky Wells (capt), Marcin Nowak, Connor Bailey