It was quite by chance that I stumbled across Todd’s Coffee Shop while scouting for books in Marchmont. And if truth be told, it wasn’t really cake I was looking for, rather, a loo.

But the owner Kyle could not have been more friendly. And, as a result, I had a very good excuse to indulge in one of his home-made chocolate chip cookies. 

Located at 24 Marchmont Crescent, Todd’s opened its doors in July. And I can assure you that the appealing blue façade is matched by an irresistible offering within. 

Like all the best coffee shops, this one is stocked with local, artisanal produce, which is also available to buy. There’s a tantalising (and reasonably priced) jam selection, all made by the owner’s mother using berries from her home in Blairgowrie. 

Coffee comes from Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters; bread from Company Bakery, and any cakes that aren’t made in house are sourced from local suppliers such as Baon Bakery. 

Current favourites are the chocolate chip cookies (of course!), Bakewell tart and empire biscuits. Locals will also be pleased to hear that the Company Bakery sourdough (used for sandwiches) can be whisked away in loaves, along with the confiture. Vegan and gluten free options will also be on offer. 

Having long held an ambition to open his own coffee shop, the owner Kyle “Todd” Macintyre returned to Edinburgh only this year. His previous career was in PR and communications in London. Which explains a lot: his menus are very elegantly produced! 

Kyle “Todd” Macintyre outside his new venture in Marchmont

Todd’s Coffee Shop, 24 Marchmont Crescent, Edinburgh EH9 1HG

And the good news is that Todd’s is hiring new staff.