Delving through her teenage treasures of ‘90s memorabilia in her mum’s attic prompted actress and writer Rachel E. Thorn to create Lovefool, which is making its Edinburgh Fringe debut this year.

Copies of Sugar magazine from 1995 and 1996 were the inspiration for this comedy show about using ‘90s pulling advice to figure out modern dating.

Thorn said: “I read the magazines cover to cover and I was struck by the irreverent and upbeat tone,” . “I think anyone dealing with modern dating would like Sugar in their corner.

“Being a grown-up can really suck. Maybe it’s just as well those teen magazines kept that quiet.

“Going back to my teenage years to create this show has been one of the few joys of lockdown,.

“And now I can’t wait to share Lovefool with audiences in Edinburgh.”

Alongside the make-up, horoscopes and tips on bagging a boy runs the ‘90s theme of girl power. Lovefool views that concept through older eyes, asking what female empowerment means when life gives you lemons.

The ‘90s nostalgia doesn’t stop at magazines. Lovefool features a raft of other attic treasures, including a NatWest piggy bank, troll dolls, a Dolly Surprise, plus a soundtrack of ‘90s female artists.

Lovefool is live at The Counting House as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 18-28 August 2021 at 8.00pm. Audiences can reserve a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or turn up at the venue for free, with the option of donating at the end of the show.

Tickets are available at:

Venue: The Lounge at The Counting House

Dates: 18th-28th August

Time: 8pm

Ticket prices: Free, £5, £7.50, or £10.

Box office:

Lovefool is a new play written and performed by Rachel E. Thorn and directed by Claire Dean.