Last year Webster Group positioned a large rainbow banner on the M90 to show support for the NHS and its key workers throughout the pandemic.

This year, with the pandemic continuing, leading many people to struggle with mental health as a result of money worries over lockdown, unemployment, isolation, anxiety, and other issues, Kinross firm, Webster Group, has updated the banner to show support for two important mental health charities, Breathing Space and Support in Mind Scotland.

Breathing Space operates a free confidential phone line for anyone over the age of 16 in Scotland. Support in Mind Scotland is a national mental health charity providing compassionate support and services each week to 1,300 people affected by mental illness.

The charity operates a National Information Line from Monday to Friday. Call 0300 323 1545

“These are two fantastic charities that have never been more needed than now,” said Daniel Webster, whose group includes a construction company, luxury housebuilding division, sustainable honey business, self storage, and hot air ballooning. “Our rainbow NHS banner attracted so much attention last year, so we thought we would keep the banner, but update it. The issue of mental health has become a key feature of the pandemic sadly, and it’s far from over, so we thought this would catch the eye – that you are not alone if you are struggling.”