As we look ahead to another festive season impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, NHS 24 are urging everyone to put their mental health first.

Many people may be feeling anxious and unsure of where to turn for a bit of support, so here is advice from the team behind NHS inform and the 111 service:

Clear Your Head web site

It’s natural to not feel yourself at times, and for anyone feeling that way, the Clear Your Head web site has simple tips for anyone feeling down, as well as guides on what to do to support others.

Anyone in Scotland with a digital device and having problems with anger or stress, having trouble sleeping, or struggling to cope with challenging situations, can find support by answering a few simple questions through this guide,

During the summer of 2021 hundreds of visitors to NHSinform were directed to seek immediate telephone help while thousands more went on to self-directed care online using SilverCloud, a website with courses to improve mental wellbeing based on cognitive behavioural therapy.

An extensive range of mental wellbeing resources is available at

NHSinform also has a number of resources for users of British Sign Language covering mental health issues at

Breathing Space on 0800 83 85 87

Answering almost 9,000 calls a month, the Breathing Space service continues to grow and evolve with the web chat service now offering online support.

Callers contact Breathing Space for a wide range of reasons, including relationship issues, stress, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. However, over the last year the service has seen an increase in issues such as bereavement, work and money worries, and loneliness. 

Breathing Space’s trained advisors ensure that each call is treated with patience and respect, knowing that it can often be the first time that a caller has contacted the service or talked about a problem.


For those experiencing mental distress the 111 Mental Health Hub is available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week by calling 111 and following the telephone prompts. Anyone may call. There is no upper or lower age limit. The most common reasons for calling include thinking about suicide, anxieties, low mood, psychosis, and self-harm. Where necessary, clinical support is offered and callers may be referred to local support services, community mental health teams, or exceptionally, emergency services. This team can also help with medication issues.