Loganlea owner Karen Jack sat on an upturned boat looking down her fishery and chatting to three happy anglers. They had just spent a day high in the Pentlands above Flotterstone searching for quality trout and they found them.

The trio enjoyed their day and so have other anglers who have ventured up the narrow three-mile road partly owned, I’m told, by Scottish Water and the estate owner, to the popular fishery.

By the way, watch out for the potholes in the road as some are really deep. I found several on my journey.

Loganlea has been fishing well since the start of the season. Karen admitted there have been off days, but more days have been on than off.

Yellow owl, beetles, diawl bach patters have been working and Karen said: “Buzzers have their day as well and lure patters work. So do damsel patterns and yellow dancers.”  

She added: “Loganlea is stocked regularly and we are putting double stockings in every time now. The average size is 2lb to 3lb here, but they do go up to double-figures.”

An 8lb-plus Tiger (trout) caught at Loganlea by John Irvine recently, an example of the quality fish in the water.

Karen is open seven days a week, weather depending, and she added: “If it is too hard to fish then we don’t open and we’re still only 9am to 5pm. Evenings scan be booked but there must be a minimum of four anglers.”

Karen said: “There have not been many people who have been up who have not taken a bag away and the best return recently was 31 fish and the next was 30 fish.”

Glencorse nearby has also been fishing well with cat’s whisker, yellow dancer and damsels also scoring here. Owner Bill Taylor is fully-booked next week and hosts the Scierra Pairs, one of Britain’s leading fly fishing events, on Friday, May 28.

Towards Roslin, Rosslynlee’s new price list is in operation and an example of the recent returns are Peter Goodall, who had 14 to the net on olive CDC, and Rab Amos with 12 on egg patterns.