British speedway clubs have agreed a start date of early May for the 2021 season. Fixtures will be published soon for both the Premiership and Championship which could include Berwick, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Plans are in place for a new concept in both leagues with more details to follow.

Speedway bosses say the plans have been made to adapt to the current situation regarding Polish restrictions on the amount of leagues riders can race in, plus the on-going challenges presented by the pandemic.

A statement issued following the promoters’ annual meeting said there is a clear pathway for the development of British Speedway and young British riders, not just in 2021 but in the years ahead.

Whilst there is disappointing news about losing Swindon and Somerset for 2021, these decisions have been made by these clubs to protect their futures from 2022 onwards. They will be welcomed back into the sport next year.

Another club has expressed an interest in joining the Championship which could include Berwick, Edinburgh and Glasgow and this will be explored in due course.

More details regarding the 2021 season will be revealed alongside broadcast partners Eurosport in the coming days.