This week HOME-X, a new e-commerce platform from the team behind Six by Nico restaurants launches, bringing restaurant quality food & drink experiences to homes all over the UK. 

Led by Chef Nico Simeone and Six by Nico marketing expert Michael Sim, HOME-X has been created to give the whole nation the chance to experience quality food and drink products at home. 

From click to ship, HOME-X will provide customers with the best restaurant experiences to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes, and at the beginning the new platform will launch with six new food and drink brands. Customers will be able to enjoy everything from vegan tasting dishes, hand picked artisan cheeses, exceptional wines, and pre-prepared Chateaubriand. The launch of HOME-X will also mean that for the first time ever, food from the Six by Nico team will be available all over the country. 

Helping to revolutionise food and drink experiences enjoyed at home, HOME-X home delivery boxes include the finest pre-prepared ingredients and full cooking instructions, to make the process of cooking at home as simple, hassle-free and tasteful as possible. Each experience will be refreshed every month, with delivery included.

The HOME-X team has developed each of the initial wave of food, drink & lifestyle brands in-house after extensive research and detailed analysis of their online communities. All the products are practical and convenient and built around those customers who want to experience the very best from home.

The first brands to launch on the platform include Home by Nico, STEM wine club, Chateau-X, The Cheese Club, and vegan offering 24 Carrot.

E.Eatery will also launch next month, with at-home dining experiences created in collaboration with some of the UK’s favourite restaurants. 

Each experience will be carefully pre-prepared and packaged at a new warehouse in Glasgow, in beautifully branded boxes, and kitted out in the very latest food shipping storage technology. Each HOME-X box will be 99% recyclable, with each kit portioned in individual cardboard containers filled with  all the elements needed to create each meal. 

Home by Nico, the brand which inspired the new platform, will be available nationwide for the first time. The dine at home experience will follow a similar format to the Six by Nico restaurants – with an ever changing four course tasting menu, themed around memories or places. Home by Nico will provide two people with a ready-made culinary experience that simply needs to be assembled and finished at home.

When it comes to steak it’s not just about the way it is cooked; it’s about the quality of the cut. Chateau-X brings the most stunning chateaubriand dinners to dining tables across the UK, with a perfectly seasoned cut of mouth watering chateaubriand, paired with three tasty sides and a bottle of wine. The ultimate night in for two.

STEM, HOME-X’s new wine club, will offer a bespoke selection of exceptional wines, personally curated and developed by Six by Nico chief operating officer, Rachael Rafferty. Each month, five half bottles of the world’s best wine will be carefully curated and delivered direct to the doors all around the country. 

24 Carrot is an all new, vegan experience; outstandingly tasty, unexpectedly vegan and designed to share. The first of its kind, 24 Carrot is positioned as eight vegan tasting dishes made for sharing, created by a team of non-vegan chefs who love good food, for those on a plant based food diet, or the ideal place to begin for those who want to be more conscious of their meat consumption. 

The Cheese Club will offer the ultimate indulgence with five unique artisan cheeses paired with homemade chutneys and relishes, crispy crackers and the finest port. Curated and handpicked alongside renowned Cheesemongers I.J Melis, The Cheese Club is a masterpiece of taste and texture. 

E.Eatery will be the final brand that HOME-X will launch in its initial stages, and will provide at home experiences in collaboration with some of the UK’s top independent restaurants. A pressed juice brand and a Sunday Roast brand are also in the pipeline for the platform early next year. In total, HOME-X aims to introduce twenty new food and drink home experiences in the first quarter.

Entrepreneur and Chef Nico Simeone said: “When we were forced to close the Six by Nico restaurants across the UK, we gave fans of the brand a chance to make our signature tasting menu at home and the feedback was phenomenal. We packed and distributed over 100,000 meals across sites in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, London & Belfast, but we felt there was so much scope to service the rest of the UK, and to give our customers even more dining options at-home. 

“The HOME-X experiences give customers the opportunity to dine-in or stay at home while still enjoying the same top-quality culinary experience, but now with even more choice”.  

HOME-X co-founder, Michael Sim said: “We worked together to create the new HOME-X platform, and with it a number of food and drink brands that showcase some of the best ‘at home’ experiences in the UK. We have listened to the Six by Nico community continuously and worked incredibly hard to build HOME-X for the benefit of an existing customer base that we really care about. 

“Our new business also opens up the whole of the UK as a customer. With six new brands initially listed on HOME-X, each offering various different dine-in experiences to choose from. Prices for the array of experiences we feature on the site varies from £50 to £70 and ranges from two to four servings.”

HOME-X has created more than 100 permanent roles in Glasgow across two locations – a head office on Miller Street and a 7000 sq.ft distribution warehouse in Anniesland. The kitchens and packing centre in Anniesland has created 50 permanent jobs with an additional 40 further jobs created in the digital team at the brands existing head office. 

The new roles, including chefs and kitchen assistants, HR and IT professionals, marketing and social media experts and finance specialists, as well as the teams who will pick, pack and ship customer orders, will help HOME-X meet projected customer demand and enable small and medium sized restaurant brands wishing to sell home kits on HOME-X to scale their business.

Customers can sign up to create a HOME-X account from today.