Move intended to allow passengers to make informed decisions about quarantine.

Edinburgh Airport has created Covid-19 Dashboards and published them on its website in a bid to help passengers to make more informed travel decisions.

Using independent data from the World Health Organisation, the dashboards show on a country by country basis the number of cases per 100k of the population in the last seven days, and the daily number of new cases confirmed. 

There’s also a graph that shows the 20 cases per 100k limit used by many governments around the world to inform their decisions on travel restrictions as an indication of how Governments may treat the data, although the Scottish Government, among others will use other data to make decisions.

Gordon Robertson, Director of Communications, Edinburgh Airport said: “The quarantine policy sees decisions, made with little notice and no explanation, that greatly affect travellers.

“Passengers can be left having to quarantine on return from abroad or worse face expensive and difficult scrambles back home.

“By making this publicly available data as accessible as possible, we hope that passengers find it useful in making an informed decision about travel plans.”

Edinburgh Airport, along with other Scottish Airports, has been working with the Scottish Government to push forward testing at airports as an alternative solution to the quarantine policy which is crippling the aviation industry.

The dashboards can be found here: