Deidre Brock says she will continue to represent the views of the people of Edinburgh North and Leith and will continue to hold the Conservative government to account.

With a majority of 12,808 votes Brock was favourite by far over her nearest rival and former councillor colleague Gordon Munro of the Labour and Cooperative Party.

The results were as follows :

Heather Astbury Renew Party 138 votes

Deidre Brock SNP 25,925 votes

Steve Burgess Scottish Green Party 1,971 votes

Iain McGill Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 11,000 votes

Gordon Munro Labour and Cooperative Party 13,117 votes

Robert Speirs Brexit Party 558 votes

Bruce Wilson Scottish Liberal Democrats 6,635 votes

Ms Brock said that the result showed that Scotland has rejected Brexit and Tory austerity.

She said : “Well. what a wonderful result for a wonderful team. But this result tonight shows that Scotland has overwhelmingly rejected Brexit and Tory austerity.

“England sadly is in a different position.

“Scotland is walking a different path.

“The people have spoken and made clear Scotland’s future is their decision. Now from the SNP’s point of view, it is of course tremendous for us to win in Scotland.

“It is a crying shame to see what is happening south of the border. I invite everyone who believes in a European Scotland to come and join us, help build a better future. The door is open.

“I would also like to thank so much fantastic activists who have delivered this victory in the cold and winter of this bracing Scottish weather. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and most importantly of all the wonderful people of Edinburgh North and Leith. Fellow Scots we have to do to build that better future. So let’s go do it.”