If you’re looking for a fun night out with excellent food then look no further than The Koren BBQ on Tarvit Street. Not only is this little gem one of the best places in Edinburgh to try the popular barbeque method of Korean cuisine, but it also allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience by being both chef and diner.

Don’t be put off by the DIY element – the barbeque, which is built into the dining table itself, is as simple to use as a home grill, and much more efficient. We opted for the marinated beef rib and some huge king prawns, which came butterflied and ready for us to grill. While we were getting to grips with the cooking process, multiple sauces and vegetable side dishes such as kimchi, lettuce and pickled vegetables started appearing on our table. These are unlimited, so you can request as many refills as you can eat.

It only took around 5-10 minutes to cook the first batch of food and then we were off, stuffing lettuce leaves with rice, pickled vegetables, meat or shrimps and a selection of deliciously rich sauces.

If you’re after the full Korean cuisine experience then I’d recommend finishing off your meal with the green tea mochi ice cream and some shikhye rice punch, which tastes like a sweet rice pudding.

At just under £60 for starters, main courses, desserts and drinks for two, you won’t beat this place for value, authenticity or fun.

Korean BBQ 3 Tarvit Street EH3 9LB t 0131 229 6789