Company Bakery has relocated from The Biscuit Factory, Leith to 5 Devon Place, Wester Coates. The move took place just before Christmas and was completed overnight. 

Speaking for the bakery, Ben Reade said: “We already knew we wanted to move before lockdown, but Covid-19 definitely spurred us on. We feel lucky to be able to expand.” 

The first lockdown affected the company, which quickly lost 47% of its business, largely due to the sudden closure of cafés and restaurants. But the steady roll-out and growth of home-delivery enabled them to fight back. By September, they had re-established their business to pre-lockdown levels. Soon they were able to take on new bakers, drivers and managers. 

“Home delivery is now going strong. We cover most of Edinburgh. And we have extended our reach to include Musselburgh and, most recently, Cramond.” 

Fortunately, the company’s electronic system is now almost fully automated so the whole process — from purchase to delivery — runs like clockwork. 

Bakers Andrew Danahy and Malcolm Storey

Around 80% of the flour used by the bakery is grown and milled in Scotland. And the award-winning sourdough incorporates grain which is milled on the premises using a hand-built Austrian stone mill. Among the different types of bread available for delivery are: sourdough loaves, baguettes, rye multiseed, a white sandwich loaf (for toastie lovers!) and ciabatta.

Ben added: “This second lockdown has obviously affected us, but many small businesses seem to be learning their lockdown hustle, and they have become quicker to change mode.

“We’ve put up a good fight. Our staff — bakers, delivery drivers and management —have been absolute troopers, real food heroes, who deserve to be celebrated, along with our suppliers, to whom we are eternally grateful, and the rest of the artisan food chain, who have kept local economies moving, and local communities fed.”