TER Holyrood from Arthur's Seat


At Holyrood today the newest sub-committee set up by The Scottish Government met for the first time. The Cabinet Sub-Committee (CSC-CC) on Climate Change held its first meeting earlier.

The group, chaired by Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead, discussed what action the Scottish Government is taking to tackle climate change – and how it can drive forward efforts to ensure Scotland remains on track to meet its world-leading climate change ambitions.

The establishment of the CSC-CC was announced in June by Environment and Climate Change Minister Paul Wheelhouse. Speaking after today’s inaugural meeting at the Scottish Parliament, Mr Wheelhouse said:

“The establishment of this Cabinet Sub-Committee demonstrates that we are committed to tackling climate change at the very highest level within Government.

“At today’s meeting, we discussed the progress made so far in delivering the Scottish Government’s world-leading climate change ambitions and the challenges facing Scotland as a society, and our policy options, for making the transition to a low carbon economy. We also discussed how we will work with the Climate Change Delivery Board to monitor progress on implementing RPP2 and, where necessary, to identify new abatement opportunities.

“It is clear that cross-Government leadership will better enable us to co-ordinate our efforts to tackle this crucial global issue. I look forward to giving a further update on the Scottish Government’s plans to Parliament next week.”


  1. With CO2 already at 400 parts per million and still rising fast we are already committed to a 2C temperature rise and rising sea levels which will likely exceed one metre this century. Just coping with that is difficult enough but we have to drasticly reduce our use of fossil fuels ate the same time.

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