We received the following press release from Jim Murphy’s office this morning. So now there are three candidates in the Scottish Labour leadership race; two from Edinburgh and one from Glasgow.

25192.jpgWhat do you think? Who should lead the party forward? Is there any point if the STV poll is correct? Or have the pollsters got it all wrong?

The STV poll claims that Labour would face a ‘General Election meltdown if it was held tomorrow.’ Do share your views with our readers below.

Jim Murphy today announced his candidature for Leader of the Scottish Labour Party and for Labour First Minister of Scotland.

“I don’t just want to lead Scottish Labour, I want to lead Scottish Labour to victory. The job I am applying for is to be First Minister of Scotland.”

“We have an opportunity to have a fresh start in Scotland. The debate that has dominated Scottish politics for a generation, where power lies, is coming to an end. With a powerful parliament the never ending debate on powers can be replaced with a debate on increasing prosperity and tackling poverty.”

“In the last few months I have travelled to every part of our country. Standing on street corners, on high streets and in village halls. People are crying out for change.”

“We are at a historic turning point. Do we want to live in the past or move forward as one nation? Will we keep fighting the battles of the referendum or will we bring people together and deliver real change in Scotland?”

“I will unite Labour and bring our country back together.”

In the first details of his campaign team to emerge, Murphy has announced that James Kelly MSP and Jenny Marra MSP will act of joint Chairs of his leadership team.

Jim Murphy made it clear he will offer strong leadership to his party:

“I will lead Labour from Scotland, for Scotland. I will listen and work with everyone who wants to make this a fairer country, but I will never be afraid to speak my mind and to stand up for what is right for Scotland.”

“I call on the millions of Scots who want to see Scottish Labour back in the fight to join me.”

Jim Murphy will set out his campaign vision in more detail at a speech when he formally launches his campaign this weekend under the slogan ‘Leading Labour, Changing Scotland.’