Contributed article

Derek Howie, the SNP candidate in the Liberton/Gilmerton by-election, has a constant companion as he knocks on the doors of the local voters. His guide dog, Lloyd, is getting to know all the streets and paths in the local area.

Derek has never let his eyesight hold him back. He has won Paralympic gold, and still runs half-marathons. He had an extensive career as a social worker in Edinburgh, so knows how the council works, and how people need to be well represented.

He said:- “The SNP’s national policies such as the council tax freeze, more police on the streets, free prescriptions, and free elderly care all get the headlines, but it is local councillors who deal with the day-to-day practicalities of most people’s lives. Pot-holes, bus routes, housing problems and concerns about local development are all issues which have been mentioned on the doorstep, and I have already been discussing them with the relevant councillors. I am not an advocate of dangling the carrot to the voter saying, ‘Elect me and I will help you. I am already championing local issues as these worries should not be party political.

“If elected I intend to follow Councillor Tom Buchanan’s example of working full time to stand up for the people of Liberton and Gilmerton.”

Submitted by Derek Howie