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Faces of the Fringe Part 5

Faces of the Fringe continues with a good dose of the eccentric one or two stage live stage shows and some real characters. 

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review: Truly Medley Deeply (****)

This Cambridge University Trio are a very skilled, fun-filled group who play medleys of pop songs using mandolin, synthesiser, violin, drum and guitar. They appeared on stage in beige, green and red catsuits with...

Fringe Review: Worbey and Farrell (*****)

Steven Worbey and Kevin Farrell are a piano duo whose acrobatic finger-work on the piano leaves you awestruck at its speed and dexterity. The audience are able to appreciate the complexity of this by...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review: Leo (*****)

Leo is a superb physical one-man dance show show that is highly likely to have you on your feet by the end, giving a standing ovation. The show is mind-bending, illusionistic and spellbinding. Leo, Tobias...

Faces of the Fringe – Part 3

Faces of the Fringe continues with another look at some of the remarkable characters spotted on the Royal Mile and some other streets within the City. 

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review: Circus of the Orient (**)

by Martin Belk If you want a big, loud, expensive, haphazard day out of the rain and have absolutely nowhere else to go then this is the show for you. The good thing about 'circus'...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review – Caruso and the Monkey House Trial (****)

Reviewer: Martin Belk is editor of ONE Magazine, contributor to The Scotsman, and The Scottish Review of BooksTake an actual story from history about a famous singer named Enrico Caruso, which happens to be...

Faces of the Fringe – part 1

Throughout the Fringe there will be a series of my photos published here giving a flavour of the characters attending this world famous arts festival. Here is a little sample:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review: Mogic (****)

       Mogic is comedy magic that has the audience laughing from start to finish. The mail order magic kit has arrived with only an instructional tape cassette, now what can possibly go wrong ...? The...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review: Anton’s Uncles (*****)

In this fresh and physical look at Chekhov’s ground-breaking play, Uncle Vanya, only the men remain, wrestling with their desires. The Los Angeles-based Theatre Movement Bazaar explodes this classic play of lives unlived, merging...

Pop-up champagne bar opens today!

The Pommery Champagne Bar is celebrating the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, by offering a unique opportunity to view the exquisite interior of the Signet Library for three weeks only, and it is opening right now...

Fringe by the Sea 8 – 14 August 2011

From the moment the programme was announced and tickets went on sale, it immediately proved to be a record-breaking 4th Fringe by the Sea. More days (7), more events (over 70), more venues and...

Stockbridge Theatre under threat

The historic Stockbridge Theatre is under threat as the council has put the deteriorating building up for sale. Renting the property is no longer an option for the theatre group, and funding of around...

Leith On The Fringe 5-29 August 2011

(By Giulia Mattei and Ben Graham) This year, for the first time, Leith will take part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, with an exciting programme of events to be enjoyed by every age...

Taste of Edinburgh Festival 1-3 July 2011

As the crowds slowly gather and the chefs take to their pans, a buzz will start to build throughout The Meadows, almost certainly proportionate to the levels of hunger and salivation as the various...

New Fringe venue to provide stage for “home-grown talent”

A new Fringe venue has been launched in Leith with the hope of bringing thousands of new visitors to the North of Edinburgh. Leith on the Fringe is an extension of the Edinburgh Festivals network...

Edinburgh International Film Festival Programme Launch

Lavish extravagance ditched in favour of ‘an exciting, fun, engaged, serious, brainy, and relevant series of events’ at the 2011 Edinburgh Film Festival. Following months of speculation since the release of the ‘blueprint’ for the...

Virgin Money sponsors Festival Fireworks!

Virgin Money is announced today as title sponsor of the pyrotechnic finale of the Edinburgh International Festival, performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, freshly named the 'Virgin Money Fireworks Concert'.Over 100,000 fireworks, tonnes of...


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