In this fresh and physical look at Chekhov’s ground-breaking play, Uncle Vanya, only the men remain, wrestling with their desires. The Los Angeles-based Theatre Movement Bazaar explodes this classic play of lives unlived, merging the original text with new writing, movement, dancing and singing to emphasize the unspoken, unseen and unexpressed.

This unconventional piece of theatre is superb! Whilst it has a relatively simple set, it is technically difficult to stage as it involves a huge amount of synchronisation with dance, movement and voice. The dialogue is sharp, witty and the audience are captivated and drawn right into the play. Back stage crew are also pulled into this synchronicity as they bring on and then remove items of the set. The dancing at times is slightly surrealistic, but that just adds to the ingenuity of this piece of theatre.

Not to be missed!

Anton’s Uncles is at the Bedlam Theatre, Daily at 2pm


  1. We’ve seen this play and found it to be the most engaging play I’ve seen in years. This is one fine example of how a small cast can make a grand impact to the audience. The pacing is perfect and there is never a dull moment. I wonder if the choreography is purely local or mixed with various influences. Either way, it blended perfectly into the play.

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