Lights! Camera! Improvise!  by the Scat Pack  is a rip-roaring laugh with fine acting from start to finish  to a 170 seat audience.

All eight cast members are LAMDA or RADA graduates with spontaneous skill. The ring leader with the remote, navigates the dynamic action between audience and cast; on this particular night a bizzare combination of Rom-Com – Farmyard – Gordon’s Brown Trousers. The show was well paced helped by great stage management and an innovative set.

Said ring-leader freezes, fast forwards and facilitates the action, propelling the audience hilarious bedlam … more a party than a show.

In a refreshing move for the Fringe, they came out after the show to meet the audience in the hallway who were able to talk to them and give feedback. Many casts would learn a lot from observing these professionals.

Get your tickets early they sell-0ut! The show is at C +3, Chambers St, daily  at 7.15pm