Sharron certainly comes out in her show as being a very confident Canadian lady with a slick act that follows a script. She has a loud and powerful voice that, at times, can sound a little harsh if she forces it.

Her show was more aimed at the North American audience, and, admittedly, The Reporter went alongon her first night, so with time, small issues will be ironed out.

Twice the music stand fell off the keyboard and to give the accompanist his due, he carried on regardless.

Sharron worked hard but the quality of the performance was not always convincing. When she questioned one of the audience towards the end of the show what her favourite part was, the response was “the music stand falling over”

Some people certainly did find Sharron funny, but not all. Some refinement of this show is needed.

You can see Sharron at the Space@venue 54 at 8.05pm, daily until 27th August.