Lili is a talented singer who specialises in the songs of the first half of the Twentieth Century from the composers such as Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and Ivor Novello. She has a clear, crisp melodic voice and is very expressive when she sings. She is acompanied on the piano by the very able Stewart Nicholls, who at times, maintains some good light-hearted banter between Lili and himself.

There is one rule that she keeps to. She will not sing a song in concert unless she has personally found the sheet music, and she illustrates this by telling the story of a song from Gracie Fields that she got from Gracie’s nephew – What do you give a Nudist for his Birthday?

This concert will probably suit the older generation better than you young things, as the songs are from another era. It was certainly noticeable though that the audience’s arms soon became uncrossed at the beginning and smiles lit up their faces.

Lili La Scala is on at the Assembly, George Square daily at 5pm (except 8th, 15th & 22nd August)